RGMC Programmes

RGMC currently runs three distinct programmes: 

Junior Programme

The Junior Programme is open to all students below grade one standard or to those with less than a years worth of experience on their instrument. Depending on their type of instrument (woodwind, brass, rhythm section etc) each student is assigned a group and will then receive forty minutes of tuition where they will work not only on instrumental skills but also develop their general musicianship through a comprehensive curriculum.

The Junior Programme aims to help young people take their first musical steps and prepare them to study at a higher level.

Intermediate Programme

Those students with at least one years worth of experience on their instrument or of a standard between grade one and two will join the Intermediate Programme. The Intermediate Programme bridges the gap between the Junior Programme and Senior programmes, preparing students to play in one of our senior ensembles.

All members of the Intermediate Programme will join one of our two intermediate ensembles where they will have the opportunity to work and perform as part of a group thereby helping them to learn many of the skills required to move up into one of our senior ensembles.

Senior Programme

Those students at a standard above grade 2 will join the Senior Programme where they will become members of either the RGMC Big Band or RGMC Fusion Band. As well as these ensembles they will have the opportunity to play in instrument specific ensembles such as the senior wind band or one of our smaller pop/ rock bands. As a members of the RGMC Big Band or Contemporary Ensemble they will have the opportunity to perform across the borough and beyond.