RGMC Vocals & Choir

The RGMC Choir

The RGMC Choir is new for the 2018/19 academic year and aims to provide a fun and engaging setting for enthusiastic singers across the borough to rehearse and perform together across a range of styles and musical genres. Hosted at the Saturday centre, the choir runs for an hour and twenty minutes between 11.10 and 12.30 and is led by the assistant head of hub for singing and performance – Laura Baugh. The choir is open to young singers of all abilities – aged eight and over.

Fees for the RGMC Choir are £50 per term however all new members recieve their first term for FREE with no obligation to sign up for additional terms.

Please note that applicants wishing to join the Choir should select this option from the online form and should avoid selecting an instrument when prompted. For applicants wishing to take an additional vocal lesson – please select ‘voice’ as instrument and ‘full programme’ when prompted. All vocalists signed up for the full programme are automatically offered a place in the Choir. 

The Vocal Programme

The Hub runs a dedicated vocal programme at RGMC through which young singers are offered a small group lesson, the opportunity to rehearse and perform with the Contemporary Ensemble (the Hub’s Rock and Pop Orchestra), and access to the RGMC Choir. The programme runs across the entire Saturday morning session between 9.30 and 12.30 and costs £100 per term. This programme is open to those who display particular enthusiasm for singing and wish to develope their skills further. Places are limited on this programme and priority will be given to young vocalists who have already have some experience.

As above, for those wishing to join the vocal programme – please select ‘full programme’ and NOT ‘RGMC Choir’ from the application menu when prompted.