Ensembles at RGMC

The primary focus of RGMC is its ensembles. Depending on each student’s instrument and musical level they will be assigned to one or more of the centre’s ensembles.

RGMC Big Band

Open to children in the senior programme the RGMC Big Band is one of the signature ensembles of the Royal Greenwich Music Centre. Built on a traditional big band set up the band rehearses for 40 minutes every Saturday as part of the wider RGMC curriculum. Members of the band are exposed to an extremely wide variety of musical styles. In the past the band has performed music from countries as different as South Africa and Brazil and from genres as varied as salsa and traditional Balkan folk music. Much of the music played by the band is written or arranged especially for it by a dedicated group of tutors each bringing their own musical specialism to the ensemble.

The Royal Greenwich Youth Orchestra (GYO)

The start of the new year will usher in the arrival of two more of the Music Hub’s signature ensembles – the Royal Greenwich Fusion Orchestra and the Royal Greenwich String Orchestra. The introduction of these ensembles will greatly expand the opportunities on offer and as such we are greatly looking forward to welcoming these ensembles to the centre.